Videos are surely the most popular thing on the internet because other than just reading a message or looking at a picture, watching a video can make you feel like you are there. Another good thing about videos is the opportunity to capture a moment, that way you could show it later and use it to educate new generations. These days sharing your videos with strangers became very popular on the internet. The biggest video sharing network is YouTube. It was founded in 2005 and now has over a billion users that upload videos every day.

Learning about technology through videos

Watching videos and learning through them is something that became very popular. Nobody likes to go and take private lessons for something they want to learn. By watching videos you are saving a lot of time plus it is free.

Learning on videos

If you are a part of the older generation that didn’t have the opportunity to learn about technology in school much as kids are learning now, don’t be discouraged if you want to learn about it you can do it easily. There are million different videos on the internet that can teach you anything you want. You can find most of them on YouTube, there are hundreds channels you can subscribe to that are mainly about technology and teaching stuff about it. A good thing about YouTube is that there is a comment section below where anyone can leave their opinion or ask a question if they have a trouble understanding something.

Here are some of the most popular channels that can teach you a thing or two about tech : Unbox Therapy is a channel where you can find out stuff about the newest technology, LinusTechTips can give you some of the best tips about tech, TechRax, Austin Evans and TechSource there are a lot more we just selected few that can possibly help you with any tech question that you might have.