Young people these days are using computers much more often than older generations because computers were already invented when they were born and they were raised in a way so they can understand and be very comfortable besides the computer. Most of them are using it to play video games or to socialize with other people. To be able to connect and contact other people via computers, the internet was invented in 1990. To this day, the one thing that changed the most about the internet is its speed. Sending and receiving messages was possible even back then when the speed was low, but nowadays besides just messages, we are sending high definition pictures and videos.

Socializing through the internet

TwitterOne of the most popular social media networks is Twitter. In the end of 2016, it had more than 317 million monthly active users. Twitter is a platform where you are allowed follow anyone you want it can be a famous person or just a friend and anyone can follow you too. On twitter you can post (tweet) whatever you want, how are you feeling that day, what bothers you, you can share your problems, pictures or even videos. Everything you post people who follow you can see that and they have the following options replying, retweeting and liking your post. Retweeting means that they will share your post on their twitter account.

Hashtag symbol (#) is used in twitter to categorize tweets by keyword. When you search for something it helps you find it more easily. If you click on a hashtagged word it will take you to other tweets that include that hashtag. That way you will find other people who have the same interest as you.