Not every time when people make something new means that it will work properly, and sometimes a small error can lead to a catastrophe. Here are some of the most famous technology failures.

The Challenger

On January 28. 1986 the NASA Space shuttle Challenger blew up in pieces in just 73 seconds after the launch. In that disaster 7 astronauts died, all that happened because of a small error. That someone could have predicted if taking enough time and the lives of 7 astronauts would be saved. This was the only technological failure that took the lives of seven people.

Windows Vista

Moving on from a disaster that took human lives to a failure that simply did not work out is a big step but it was a failure that needs to be mentioned. The biggest problem with Vista was that Microsoft blew up the story that Vista will be the next best operating system for computers. At that point in time, the Windows XP was already out for over 5 years. When it finally came out people were excited to buy and “upgrade” their Windows XP to Vista. But in no time people started complaining how bad Vista is, that Windows XP is much more user-friendly. Vista had one more problem with driver support. People were mad at Microsoft for not delivering what they promised and that was the end for Vista.

Windows Vista


SegwaySegway is a self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle that is designed for transportation of people. The main reason Segway never got popular is the price, it was just too expensive. It cost $6,000 which is an absurd amount of money. Some of the other reasons are because it was heavy and the battery life was low. People who used Segway reported that there were accidents and people getting hurt, breaking ribs was a common thing when falling off one. One time a man even died while riding a Segway he rode off a cliff. After that story got around the world even fewer people thought about buying one. Today they are used in sightseeing in some countries. The biggest problem was its purpose to replace walking and for that, there was no demand.