If you look carefully you can see what kind of major changes were made in the field of communication. Just a few decades ago when computers and cell phones were still a new thing and nobody had one, the only way people could communicate with each other was by sending a letter. It could take very long time to arrive depending on the destination and you had to go personally to the post office to buy postage stamps. Later on, telegrams came but they had some limitations and they were extremely expensive.

Computers and cell phones

 Rise of the internet and computers

Household computerComputers were always popular but it was something that not just anybody could have in the beginning they were quite expensive. Only a few companies could afford them, but as time went on the prices went down and the demand for computers was extremely high. More and more people started using computers and suddenly after few years almost every household had one.

The first method of communication was via email, people could send private messages in just a few seconds for the first time. Realizing that the communication is very important to people programmers made a different kind of chat programs such as MSN and they blew up quickly.

Nowadays there are few hundred different programs and websites where people can chat, the only thing that really changed is the speed of the internet compared to the beginnings and that made even video chatting and live streaming possible.

One click away from a call

Technology in the past years changed so much that now we are just a few clicks away to call someone no matter the destination. He can be on the other side of the planet as long as the other party have an internet connection you can give them a call and it is FREE. It’s pretty unbelievable how much tech advanced and at what rate of speed. 20 years ago this was probably not even possible. Who knows what the future is holding for us and how it will affect the communication between people.