There are a lot of things that affect our society and technology is one of the major ones. Many people think that technology can’t affect us in a bad way. They think everything that technology brings us is good and there is no downside to it. But they are wrong, there is a lot more to tech that most people know about. Here are some pros and cons to help you understand how technology affects our society.

Pros of Tech

Technology and MedicineLet’s start from the brighter side of the story, one of the best things that technology brought us is incredible medical care. Over the years as the tech was expanding the opportunity for saving people lives has opened up. The number of sick and injured people have decreased significantly.

With the enormous growth in the fields Tech, a lot of job opportunities opened up. People are constantly needed in maintaining and developing new technology that will serve new generations. There are a lot more pros such as improvement in communication, new forms of entertainment and art, industrial work etc.

Cons of Tech

Students with smartphonesOne of the major issues that came with technology is that people started forgetting how certain things should be done because tech showed us an easier alternative. The biggest problem is that we are less active and that is due to internet and video games that took the place of going outside and having fun.

Distraction is a huge problem that is appearing in the classrooms. Teachers are worried about students because they are getting distracted mainly by social media. Instead of listening in the class they are looking down on their phones. That is concerning because they might never learn how to socialize in the real world.

Something that is concerning the whole world is climate changes that are occurring because of the technology, big factories are opening up that are threatening the health of our planet.