There’s no doubt that every modern business and company has to invest in online advertising and marketing strategies to stay competitive in the world of fast information flow. Old – fashioned entrepreneurs often neglect or underestimate the importance of constructing high quality and attractive cyber identity and online advertising campaign, but younger business men know that the internet can trigger your business, boost it, influence it a big time and keep it growing progressively if used properly. The lingering question is how and where to advertise your business, assuming that you have some marketing content experts that will handle the mere content professionally.

There’s a myriad of options and advertising channels, but every successful marketing strategy has to include a presentation on social media. It doesn’t narrow the choice down much since there are also plenty of social platforms out there. If your business is some visual business, try Instagram or Pinterest. Snapchat is doing good with video material, and LinkedIn is highly professional (but slightly boring and static) place to gather various professionals and experts. Finally, it comes down to the ultimate rivalry between Facebook and Twitter, with both providing various benefits and issues at the same time. The choice is tough, but here are the reasons why I recommend Twitter for online marketing presentation and advertising, especially to smaller businesses.

Twitter gets things done quickly

The greatest difference between Twitter and Facebook is in the form of posting announcements and the slower pace of Facebook. This short and character limited form present on Twitter, as well as its faster pace that enables information to be shared and scattered wider and faster compared to Facebook, is exactly what makes Twitter more convenient for business advertising. Short, efficient, highly responsive, direct, concise and it gets things done quickly. These are the traits of Twitter and the traits of every successful company. Thus you should take advantage of this social network when presenting your business online.

Wider audience, massive reach, enhanced connecting

Facebook still beats Twitter in numbers, because there’s a significantly more active profile on Facebook than on Twitter. However, when it comes to connecting with others, especially the people you don’t know, your potential clients, Twitter provides a better environment. While Facebook often limits the reach of statuses to friends only or friends of friends, rarely public and fully open, Twitter uses keywords in twits and hashtags that make your twits available to millions. Plus, it is more specific and focused on target groups than Facebook, since hashtags will link you directly with people discussing the same topic and sharing the same interests.

It makes it easier to approach the target group of customers, use the advantage of the searchable conversations and become visible to a wider circle of specified profiles. Also, demographic profiling of Facebook and twitter users shows that far more people interested in business connections are settled on Twitter, while Facebook is used more for socializing with friends and family. You’ll find a lot of fun on both platforms while doing business marketing.

Twitter beats Facebook on mobile devices

The mere concept and construction of social platform make Twitter more suitable for mobile devices than Facebook, although Facebook is improving that aspect significantly. User-friendly interface of both social networks works on mobile devices, but functionality and versatility of options, especially mentioning companies and other businesses in direct conversation, are supported better on Twitter.