These days surely one of the most paid jobs are involved in technology. The demand for IT experts is constantly growing and the monthly salary is huge. You might ask yourself then why doesn’t everybody have a tech job, well the answer for that is very simple. To became a successful IT expert you need to learn how computers work inside out to know how to program stuff and that is not easy for everyone, therefore, there are not a lot of people capable of doing it.

If you are one of those people who love being surrounded and working with tech here are some of the most paying jobs you can find in 2017.

Web Developer ($111,000 – $155,000)

To become a successful web developer you will need to maintain and build websites and web applications. Your job will be focusing to fulfil the client needs. To do that you need to regularly attend a lot of meetings clients and discuss their requirements and to update them about the progress you made.

Web Developer

Software Development Manager ($134,000 – $160,000)

A short description for this job, to design, modify and develop a huge variety of programs. You would be working with the owner of the product to carefully plan out and execute the project and to ensure him that the project will meet the deadlines.

IT Manager ($120,000 – $130,000)

You will be accountable and responsible for the smooth running of computer systems, to carefully plan out and organize electronic data operations. Also, you will be responsible for ensuring that the data is perfectly secured and to occasionally identify problems if they appear.

System Architect ($94.000 – $113.000)

This job requires you to have a perfect understanding of computer hardware. You will be responsible for keeping the computers running properly, configuring an already existing system, finding problems and fixing errors. And if you get enough reputation you can even configure a new system for a company.