Some people are afraid of technology and they are trying to stay away from it as much as they can because they think that at this rate the technology is advancing we will create some kind of artificial intelligence that we can’t control and that will take over the world. That happens because most people don’t really understand technology and everything they know about it is from movies of someone’s vision of the future.

Future technology

One of the great ideas that has been floating around are the trains with top speeds of a commercial airplane, somewhere about 700 mph. Just imagine hopping on a train and getting to your destination maybe faster than you would with an airplane. This is the idea of Elon Musk who is the founder of Tesla and PayPal. The train would travel through a vacuum tube, propelled by induction motors and highly compressed air.

Covering the world with WiFi

Ridiculously as it may sound, the idea to cover the whole world with WiFi is something that popped out of British billionaire Richard Branson and Elon Musk’s head as well the idea of the fastest train. The idea is to send over 4000 little satellites into the Earth orbit that would send back high-speed wireless internet signal to everyone on the whole planet. They said it would be ready to go in five years. This would help the 3 billion people who live in hard to reach areas and are currently not connected. This project will definitely change lives and have a huge impact on the world.


They are currently waiting for permission to send the satellites into the orbit. Musk’s initial plan was to send a series of test satellites first before sending the rest of them, and he hopes to do that at the start of 2017. If all goes well and as planned, in 2022 we should have high-speed WiFi all over the world.

Self-driving Trucks

The idea of self-driving vehicles is nothing new to us, there are few cars that are being tested and they are proving to be good. Having a self-driving truck is much different, it would be cheaper and would use a lot less fuel than a person. Trucks could go on longer routes and never have a need for a stop. Companies like Mercedes are already working on this idea.