Armies that get on the battlefield faster, hit harder and reach the furthest are the ones that mostly won the wars, while the less armed and slow moving armies lost. For that reason, a lot of human effort has been put in the technology that will save many lives on the battlefield and win a lot of wars.

Technology has been always used to improve the combat on the battlefield. One of the main reasons was to save as many soldiers as they can because if there is no one to operate all the guns, ships, tanks and airplanes the war would be lost.

Vehicles of war

Vehicles of warThe first things that come to most people minds when talking about vehicles that are used in warfare are Tanks and Airplanes. Two totally different kinds of vehicles, one is used in land combat the other is for aerial. Sometimes they were used against each other plains would bomb tanks and there were some specially designed anti-aircraft vehicles to get airplanes out of the sky.

Nowadays there is much more to it than just tanks and airplanes. Militaries have started using UAV an unarmed aerial vehicle mostly known as a drone. Their purpose is to deploy weapons to the battlefield while the pilot is in no danger what so ever. That is because the pilot is thousands of miles away controlling the drone that way they are not risking his life. U.S. military was first to use that technology but now other countries are trying it out too.

Stealth aircraft’s are as you can guess by their names, made to evade detection while in the sky. Sadly there is no aircraft that is completely invisible to radar, they just use technology to reduce the reflection of the aircraft.

Stealth aircraft

Nuclear weapons

Nuclear bombs are the most destructive weapon humans have ever invented. These bombs get their destructive power from nuclear reactions. The first nuclear bombs were developed during World War II. Sadly they were used in the war against Japan to end the war. Technology and science these days have expanded so much that nuclear bombs that are made today are 3000 times stronger than the ones used in the war. It’s scary even to think about what kind of destruction power these bombs can have.