Reasons why Twitter is better terrain for business advertising than Facebook

Reasons why Twitter is better terrain for business advertising than Facebook

There’s no doubt that every modern business and company has to invest in online advertising and marketing strategies to stay competitive in the world of fast information flow. Old – fashioned entrepreneurs often neglect or underestimate the importance of constructing high quality and attractive cyber identity and online advertising campaign, but younger business men know that the internet can trigger your business, boost it, influence it a big time and keep it growing progressively if used properly. The lingering question is how and where to advertise your business, assuming that you have some marketing content experts that will handle the mere content professionally.

There’s a myriad of options and advertising channels, but every successful marketing strategy has to include a presentation on social media. It doesn’t narrow the choice down much since there are also plenty of social platforms out there. If your business is some visual business, try Instagram or Pinterest. Snapchat is doing good with video material, and LinkedIn is highly professional (but slightly boring and static) place to gather various professionals and experts. Finally, it comes down to the ultimate rivalry between Facebook and Twitter, with both providing various benefits and issues at the same time. The choice is tough, but here are the reasons why I recommend Twitter for online marketing presentation and advertising, especially to smaller businesses.

Twitter gets things done quickly

The greatest difference between Twitter and Facebook is in the form of posting announcements and the slower pace of Facebook. This short and character limited form present on Twitter, as well as its faster pace that enables information to be shared and scattered wider and faster compared to Facebook, is exactly what makes Twitter more convenient for business advertising. Short, efficient, highly responsive, direct, concise and it gets things done quickly. These are the traits of Twitter and the traits of every successful company. Thus you should take advantage of this social network when presenting your business online.

Wider audience, massive reach, enhanced connecting

Facebook still beats Twitter in numbers, because there’s a significantly more active profile on Facebook than on Twitter. However, when it comes to connecting with others, especially the people you don’t know, your potential clients, Twitter provides a better environment. While Facebook often limits the reach of statuses to friends only or friends of friends, rarely public and fully open, Twitter uses keywords in twits and hashtags that make your twits available to millions. Plus, it is more specific and focused on target groups than Facebook, since hashtags will link you directly with people discussing the same topic and sharing the same interests.

It makes it easier to approach the target group of customers, use the advantage of the searchable conversations and become visible to a wider circle of specified profiles. Also, demographic profiling of Facebook and twitter users shows that far more people interested in business connections are settled on Twitter, while Facebook is used more for socializing with friends and family. You’ll find a lot of fun on both platforms while doing business marketing.

Twitter beats Facebook on mobile devices

The mere concept and construction of social platform make Twitter more suitable for mobile devices than Facebook, although Facebook is improving that aspect significantly. User-friendly interface of both social networks works on mobile devices, but functionality and versatility of options, especially mentioning companies and other businesses in direct conversation, are supported better on Twitter.

5 Helpful Ideas for Starting a Tech Business

5 Helpful Ideas for Starting a Tech Business

Starting a business is a big step for everybody but it is something that can’t be rushed if you want to succeed. Especially if it is your first time opening up a business. To run a good and successful business you need to have an idea and a goal you want to reach. You have to set yourself goals, without them you will fail.

Have a Product

In the beginning, you need to shift almost all your focus on making a product. Without a product, you can’t have a business and with a low-quality product you probably won’t have any success. So take your time and plan out everything. Once your product is perfect you will be ready to shift your focus on the marketing, services and support.

Hire people with experience

Hire people with experienceStarting a Tech company is not easy and for that, you need the help of others. Be careful when hiring people to choose the experienced ones, if they have experience in the field of tech that means you don’t need to waste a time from your schedule to teach them step by step what is that you want from them. Having a successful team is very important to run a business.

Create partnerships

Always look for ways to create partnerships with other tech companies that are willing to cooperate. New and smaller companies always need the help of older and established ones to be able to scale up. Working with a successful company can help yours to attract customers faster than you could ever by yourself.

Listen to your customers

Listen to your customersIn the early stages of the company, customer needs are something that you have to take care of. Be careful never listen to problems that only one customer have, you need to focus on changing or adapting to things that are problematic for every customer. If you start listening to a single customer needs and try to please each one you will find yourself in a bad situation.

Don’t be afraid of failures

When starting a new business it’s normal to have failures at some point. You don’t have to be afraid of failing because by failing you get the opportunity to change up things for the better.

Top 3 Technology Failures of All Time

Top 3 Technology Failures of All Time

Not every time when people make something new means that it will work properly, and sometimes a small error can lead to a catastrophe. Here are some of the most famous technology failures.

The Challenger

On January 28. 1986 the NASA Space shuttle Challenger blew up in pieces in just 73 seconds after the launch. In that disaster 7 astronauts died, all that happened because of a small error. That someone could have predicted if taking enough time and the lives of 7 astronauts would be saved. This was the only technological failure that took the lives of seven people.

Windows Vista

Moving on from a disaster that took human lives to a failure that simply did not work out is a big step but it was a failure that needs to be mentioned. The biggest problem with Vista was that Microsoft blew up the story that Vista will be the next best operating system for computers. At that point in time, the Windows XP was already out for over 5 years. When it finally came out people were excited to buy and “upgrade” their Windows XP to Vista. But in no time people started complaining how bad Vista is, that Windows XP is much more user-friendly. Vista had one more problem with driver support. People were mad at Microsoft for not delivering what they promised and that was the end for Vista.

Windows Vista


SegwaySegway is a self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle that is designed for transportation of people. The main reason Segway never got popular is the price, it was just too expensive. It cost $6,000 which is an absurd amount of money. Some of the other reasons are because it was heavy and the battery life was low. People who used Segway reported that there were accidents and people getting hurt, breaking ribs was a common thing when falling off one. One time a man even died while riding a Segway he rode off a cliff. After that story got around the world even fewer people thought about buying one. Today they are used in sightseeing in some countries. The biggest problem was its purpose to replace walking and for that, there was no demand.

How did Technology Change Communication

How did Technology Change Communication

If you look carefully you can see what kind of major changes were made in the field of communication. Just a few decades ago when computers and cell phones were still a new thing and nobody had one, the only way people could communicate with each other was by sending a letter. It could take very long time to arrive depending on the destination and you had to go personally to the post office to buy postage stamps. Later on, telegrams came but they had some limitations and they were extremely expensive.

Computers and cell phones

 Rise of the internet and computers

Household computerComputers were always popular but it was something that not just anybody could have in the beginning they were quite expensive. Only a few companies could afford them, but as time went on the prices went down and the demand for computers was extremely high. More and more people started using computers and suddenly after few years almost every household had one.

The first method of communication was via email, people could send private messages in just a few seconds for the first time. Realizing that the communication is very important to people programmers made a different kind of chat programs such as MSN and they blew up quickly.

Nowadays there are few hundred different programs and websites where people can chat, the only thing that really changed is the speed of the internet compared to the beginnings and that made even video chatting and live streaming possible.

One click away from a call

Technology in the past years changed so much that now we are just a few clicks away to call someone no matter the destination. He can be on the other side of the planet as long as the other party have an internet connection you can give them a call and it is FREE. It’s pretty unbelievable how much tech advanced and at what rate of speed. 20 years ago this was probably not even possible. Who knows what the future is holding for us and how it will affect the communication between people.

What Kind of Impact Technology had on Warfare

What Kind of Impact Technology had on Warfare

Armies that get on the battlefield faster, hit harder and reach the furthest are the ones that mostly won the wars, while the less armed and slow moving armies lost. For that reason, a lot of human effort has been put in the technology that will save many lives on the battlefield and win a lot of wars.

Technology has been always used to improve the combat on the battlefield. One of the main reasons was to save as many soldiers as they can because if there is no one to operate all the guns, ships, tanks and airplanes the war would be lost.

Vehicles of war

Vehicles of warThe first things that come to most people minds when talking about vehicles that are used in warfare are Tanks and Airplanes. Two totally different kinds of vehicles, one is used in land combat the other is for aerial. Sometimes they were used against each other plains would bomb tanks and there were some specially designed anti-aircraft vehicles to get airplanes out of the sky.

Nowadays there is much more to it than just tanks and airplanes. Militaries have started using UAV an unarmed aerial vehicle mostly known as a drone. Their purpose is to deploy weapons to the battlefield while the pilot is in no danger what so ever. That is because the pilot is thousands of miles away controlling the drone that way they are not risking his life. U.S. military was first to use that technology but now other countries are trying it out too.

Stealth aircraft’s are as you can guess by their names, made to evade detection while in the sky. Sadly there is no aircraft that is completely invisible to radar, they just use technology to reduce the reflection of the aircraft.

Stealth aircraft

Nuclear weapons

Nuclear bombs are the most destructive weapon humans have ever invented. These bombs get their destructive power from nuclear reactions. The first nuclear bombs were developed during World War II. Sadly they were used in the war against Japan to end the war. Technology and science these days have expanded so much that nuclear bombs that are made today are 3000 times stronger than the ones used in the war. It’s scary even to think about what kind of destruction power these bombs can have.

What Benefits Students have of Using Technology in Education

What Benefits Students have of Using Technology in Education

Projector in classroomHaving technology in the classroom can be a lot of fun, students have pointed out many times that even a small change can mean a lot. By only changing the way the teacher presents the lesson, for example, using a computer and presenting it via projector on a white screen can be much more entertaining. Some studies even showed 9 out of 10 students indicated that having technology involved in education can prepare them better for the digital future. To be able to prepare kids for the future it is crucial to implement technology in education.

Teachers by giving homework in the “old” way realized that kids don’t really learn much from it so they are giving PowerPoint presentations and it turns out to be very helpful. They can use the internet to research the topic they have and that way find more facts and information they need. Somehow it turns out students are learning more and remembering more after they do a PowerPoint presentation.

Students can learn at pace they are comfortable with

Digital textbooksStudents have access to digital textbooks these days. Digital textbooks are better in a way because they are constantly updated much more creative and helpful. Most importantly digital textbooks are a lot cheaper some of them are even free and students don’t need to carry a bunch of heavy books on their back which can lead to health problems. This way all they need to carry is a USB flash drive with all the digital textbooks copied on it.

It’s important that not just students keep up with the technology, teachers need too. For example, if a student encounters some kind of a problem and he is confused or just have some questions about the lesson and he needs the help of the teacher to explain it then he sends an email to the teacher so he can reply and solve the issue. But if teachers don’t use email they have no options how to communicate with the students and that can lead to a bad situation.

The Greatest Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The Greatest Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The struggle of finding a great gift for someone is something everyone goes through. It can make you hate the holidays because you stress yourself out while searching for a gift. A great thing to buy anyone is some kind of technology. It could be a simple thing as a watch or a pair of headphones it will for sure make the people satisfied with the gift that they got. Technology is a thing everyone likes and we use it everywhere in our daily lives so you can’t go wrong with a tech gift.


DronesDrones became extremely popular in 2016. They first launched as a regular toy for kids, and only few people got into them. Then, out of nowhere, some guy came up with the idea to make slightly bigger drones that can carry a small camera. That brilliant idea caught up quickly and they were making drones with a camera attached and that became very popular among adults too. Everybody wants one, which makes it a perfect gift if you have a bigger wallet.

A Vlog Camera

Vlog CameraA Vlog Camera is basically a regular hand-held camera that records high-quality footage. Vlogging is a trend that blew up in the past 3 years. What is vlogging you might ask? Well, to be a vlogger you need to record yourself during the day. That means all the activities you do every day while talking to the camera. To get a view of someone’s personal life is something unusual and that is exactly what drew the audience.

 Personal Computer – Laptop

This might be a little expensive gift but it will definitely make a great one. Depending on for who you are buying you need to choose between PC or Laptop. Buying a PC for someone who is constantly on a trip or just traveling a lot is not a good choice, they need something more practical that they can bring with themselves on a trip. PC’s are usually a great gift for someone who works from home or spends a lot their free time at home.

Most Paid Tech Careers in 2017

Most Paid Tech Careers in 2017

These days surely one of the most paid jobs are involved in technology. The demand for IT experts is constantly growing and the monthly salary is huge. You might ask yourself then why doesn’t everybody have a tech job, well the answer for that is very simple. To became a successful IT expert you need to learn how computers work inside out to know how to program stuff and that is not easy for everyone, therefore, there are not a lot of people capable of doing it.

If you are one of those people who love being surrounded and working with tech here are some of the most paying jobs you can find in 2017.

Web Developer ($111,000 – $155,000)

To become a successful web developer you will need to maintain and build websites and web applications. Your job will be focusing to fulfil the client needs. To do that you need to regularly attend a lot of meetings clients and discuss their requirements and to update them about the progress you made.

Web Developer

Software Development Manager ($134,000 – $160,000)

A short description for this job, to design, modify and develop a huge variety of programs. You would be working with the owner of the product to carefully plan out and execute the project and to ensure him that the project will meet the deadlines.

IT Manager ($120,000 – $130,000)

You will be accountable and responsible for the smooth running of computer systems, to carefully plan out and organize electronic data operations. Also, you will be responsible for ensuring that the data is perfectly secured and to occasionally identify problems if they appear.

System Architect ($94.000 – $113.000)

This job requires you to have a perfect understanding of computer hardware. You will be responsible for keeping the computers running properly, configuring an already existing system, finding problems and fixing errors. And if you get enough reputation you can even configure a new system for a company.

How Technology Affects Society – Pros & Cons

How Technology Affects Society – Pros & Cons

There are a lot of things that affect our society and technology is one of the major ones. Many people think that technology can’t affect us in a bad way. They think everything that technology brings us is good and there is no downside to it. But they are wrong, there is a lot more to tech that most people know about. Here are some pros and cons to help you understand how technology affects our society.

Pros of Tech

Technology and MedicineLet’s start from the brighter side of the story, one of the best things that technology brought us is incredible medical care. Over the years as the tech was expanding the opportunity for saving people lives has opened up. The number of sick and injured people have decreased significantly.

With the enormous growth in the fields Tech, a lot of job opportunities opened up. People are constantly needed in maintaining and developing new technology that will serve new generations. There are a lot more pros such as improvement in communication, new forms of entertainment and art, industrial work etc.

Cons of Tech

Students with smartphonesOne of the major issues that came with technology is that people started forgetting how certain things should be done because tech showed us an easier alternative. The biggest problem is that we are less active and that is due to internet and video games that took the place of going outside and having fun.

Distraction is a huge problem that is appearing in the classrooms. Teachers are worried about students because they are getting distracted mainly by social media. Instead of listening in the class they are looking down on their phones. That is concerning because they might never learn how to socialize in the real world.

Something that is concerning the whole world is climate changes that are occurring because of the technology, big factories are opening up that are threatening the health of our planet.

What technology have to offer for the future

What technology have to offer for the future

Some people are afraid of technology and they are trying to stay away from it as much as they can because they think that at this rate the technology is advancing we will create some kind of artificial intelligence that we can’t control and that will take over the world. That happens because most people don’t really understand technology and everything they know about it is from movies of someone’s vision of the future.

Future technology

One of the great ideas that has been floating around are the trains with top speeds of a commercial airplane, somewhere about 700 mph. Just imagine hopping on a train and getting to your destination maybe faster than you would with an airplane. This is the idea of Elon Musk who is the founder of Tesla and PayPal. The train would travel through a vacuum tube, propelled by induction motors and highly compressed air.

Covering the world with WiFi

Ridiculously as it may sound, the idea to cover the whole world with WiFi is something that popped out of British billionaire Richard Branson and Elon Musk’s head as well the idea of the fastest train. The idea is to send over 4000 little satellites into the Earth orbit that would send back high-speed wireless internet signal to everyone on the whole planet. They said it would be ready to go in five years. This would help the 3 billion people who live in hard to reach areas and are currently not connected. This project will definitely change lives and have a huge impact on the world.


They are currently waiting for permission to send the satellites into the orbit. Musk’s initial plan was to send a series of test satellites first before sending the rest of them, and he hopes to do that at the start of 2017. If all goes well and as planned, in 2022 we should have high-speed WiFi all over the world.

Self-driving Trucks

The idea of self-driving vehicles is nothing new to us, there are few cars that are being tested and they are proving to be good. Having a self-driving truck is much different, it would be cheaper and would use a lot less fuel than a person. Trucks could go on longer routes and never have a need for a stop. Companies like Mercedes are already working on this idea.

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