Projector in classroomHaving technology in the classroom can be a lot of fun, students have pointed out many times that even a small change can mean a lot. By only changing the way the teacher presents the lesson, for example, using a computer and presenting it via projector on a white screen can be much more entertaining. Some studies even showed 9 out of 10 students indicated that having technology involved in education can prepare them better for the digital future. To be able to prepare kids for the future it is crucial to implement technology in education.

Teachers by giving homework in the “old” way realized that kids don’t really learn much from it so they are giving PowerPoint presentations and it turns out to be very helpful. They can use the internet to research the topic they have and that way find more facts and information they need. Somehow it turns out students are learning more and remembering more after they do a PowerPoint presentation.

Students can learn at pace they are comfortable with

Digital textbooksStudents have access to digital textbooks these days. Digital textbooks are better in a way because they are constantly updated much more creative and helpful. Most importantly digital textbooks are a lot cheaper some of them are even free and students don’t need to carry a bunch of heavy books on their back which can lead to health problems. This way all they need to carry is a USB flash drive with all the digital textbooks copied on it.

It’s important that not just students keep up with the technology, teachers need too. For example, if a student encounters some kind of a problem and he is confused or just have some questions about the lesson and he needs the help of the teacher to explain it then he sends an email to the teacher so he can reply and solve the issue. But if teachers don’t use email they have no options how to communicate with the students and that can lead to a bad situation.