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Reasons why Twitter is better terrain for business advertising than Facebook

There’s no doubt that every modern business and company has to invest in online advertising and marketing strategies to stay competitive in the world of fast information flow. Old – fashioned entrepreneurs often neglect or underestimate the importance of constructing high quality and attractive cyber identity and online advertising campaign, but younger business men know that the internet can trigger your business, boost it, influence it a big time and keep it growing progressively if used properly. The lingering question is how and where to advertise your business, assuming that you have some marketing content experts that will handle...

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5 Helpful Ideas for Starting a Tech Business

Starting a business is a big step for everybody but it is something that can’t be rushed if you want to succeed. Especially if it is your first time opening up a business. To run a good and successful business you need to have an idea and a goal you want to reach. You have to set yourself goals, without them you will fail. Have a Product In the beginning, you need to shift almost all your focus on making a product. Without a product, you can’t have a business and with a low-quality product you probably won’t have...

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Top 3 Technology Failures of All Time

Not every time when people make something new means that it will work properly, and sometimes a small error can lead to a catastrophe. Here are some of the most famous technology failures. The Challenger On January 28. 1986 the NASA Space shuttle Challenger blew up in pieces in just 73 seconds after the launch. In that disaster 7 astronauts died, all that happened because of a small error. That someone could have predicted if taking enough time and the lives of 7 astronauts would be saved. This was the only technological failure that took the lives of seven...

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How did Technology Change Communication

If you look carefully you can see what kind of major changes were made in the field of communication. Just a few decades ago when computers and cell phones were still a new thing and nobody had one, the only way people could communicate with each other was by sending a letter. It could take very long time to arrive depending on the destination and you had to go personally to the post office to buy postage stamps. Later on, telegrams came but they had some limitations and they were extremely expensive.  Rise of the internet and computers Computers...

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What Kind of Impact Technology had on Warfare

Armies that get on the battlefield faster, hit harder and reach the furthest are the ones that mostly won the wars, while the less armed and slow moving armies lost. For that reason, a lot of human effort has been put in the technology that will save many lives on the battlefield and win a lot of wars. Technology has been always used to improve the combat on the battlefield. One of the main reasons was to save as many soldiers as they can because if there is no one to operate all the guns, ships, tanks and airplanes...

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