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Everyday Tech

The term technology is very wide and everyone has their own opinion about it. Mainly we use tech in our everyday lives to make some tasks simpler and easier. These days we are applying it everywhere in our lives.

Our Everyday Lives

Without technology, we could not function the same way. It became the part of our everyday lives we are using it for work, transportation, communication etc. Technology is very dynamic, we are improving it day by day to fulfill our needs that are constantly changing.

Technology Behind Everything

It is created by us humans using science to extend our abilities and to be more productive. Most people don’t understand that it is used everywhere even in small things like for example, an alarm clock a form of technology that a lot of people are relying on every morning to wake them up for work or school. People never think about what is actually inside one alarm clock they just see the purpose of it and forget about the technology behind it.


When we think about tech usually the first thing that comes to most people minds are computers. Because we use them every day, but we don’t really understand how they work.

Our Story

When you think of the word technology, what comes to mind? It might sound like something from a sci-fi show or something that has to run on electricity. Prof Maliki is a leading online magazine for tech audience. Our readers enjoy hard-hitting and up to the minute PC, IT , information technology news and many more. Here we can’t teach and inform you about many types of technology that people use, from the simple to the complex.

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